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For documents signed in U.S.A. to be sent in France. (According The Hague Convention – October 5, 1961)

Documents that are notarized and sent to another country require verification or legalization of the notaire's signature and official capacity prior to acceptance by the receiving country.

The Hague Convention agreement simplifies the process by allowing attachment of a single verifying certificate called an Apostille (a French word meaning "note").

The Apostille entitles the document full recognition in the country of intended use, and no further authentication or legalization by the Embassy or Consulate of that country is required.

Each country, or subdivision of that country, has a designated official who is responsible for authenticating notarised documents.
The Treaty provides a list of officials in the United States with the authority to issue such certification.
In most states (47 out of 50), that authority is vested in the Secretary of State, or one or more of his or her deputies or assistants.

A notaire public is not responsible for requesting an Apostille. Rather, according to the Treaty, the person who signed the document or the documents bearer may request authentication of documents.
The documents to provide and the cost to obtain certification depend on each Secretary of State.

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